September 17, 2010

Irrational Love

what is love? this is a simple question, yet so many definitions. Many people describe love as something that makes anyone who feels it happy, a bit crazy, high and drunk. Yes it is, no one can refuse the sensation that love offers. You can be so irrational when you come to love.Love is good, love makes you feel alive, but don't forget that love can be very dangerous when you can't control it.

Sometimes you forget to love yourself when you love someone too much. Well, I mean all you wanna do is spending the whole time with the one you love. I know it's fun, but hey don't forget that there are a lot of things that you have to concern about other than that, like family, friends, education, work, self treatment, and stuff. Somehow you will realize that life is not all about love, somehow you need time to be with your family and friends, and time to be alone. Note that. I can say it because I've been there and done that.

Too much love will kill you. Well it sounds like a title of a song, rite? it sounds funny but it's true. It is literally true, because I've seen people around me who hurt themselves  or even worse, they tried to suicide because of love. Crazy isn't it? but it happens. So, be careful, do not let love makes you lose your mind.

Last but not least, sometimes when you love someone too much you hurt them. How could that be? Well, yeah, simply because the more you love someone the more you depend on them. You want them to be by your side all the time, you start to be such a suspicious person, full of jealousy, and finally you become possessive. And that's not good. In this condition, your relationship will no longer comfortable. It can be even worse when your lover finally give up with you and your relationship, but you selfishly can't accept that and force your lover to stay. Open your eyes, you can never do that to someone, that's cruel. It's true that you have to fight for someone you love, but there's a time when you just have to let them go for good.




  1. "I can say it because I've been there and done that." --> i agree! haha ;DD