August 24, 2010

The Virgin Queen

Queen Elizabeth I was and still is a true example of a strong woman, an inspiring one. I adore her for her strength and her ability to show the world the power of a woman.

She had successfully been through her hard time facing empirical problems, enemies from other countries and even her own people who tried to topple her, wars, and of course a complicated love life.

Queen Elizabeth was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty, a daughter of Henry VIII. She was born in 1533 and replaced her father  in leading Great Britain at her young age. the situation at the time forced her to be a strong leading woman. there were pros and cons when she was about to replace her father after he passed away.

But, with a strong will and a strong heart she could finally proved that she was the true Queen of England, she defeated all the enemies of England, won the wars, and brought England into victory. England was at its golden age under her direction.

She fell in a love with a man named Lord Robert Dudley at once, but it was kinda love at the wrong time. She finally found out that she fell in love with a married man. She was brokenhearted and promised to herself that she would never ever fall in love again. And yes, she remained single until her death, and she was so called The Virgin Queen.

The story of Queen Elizabeth I has taught us that women should have a strength to survive in any circumstances, don't give up and never let anyone stop you from reaching your destiny, and last but not least don't let love brings you down.

August 23, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I'm having such a long holiday, and am starting to get bored with it honestly.. and there I was, standing on a book store, looking for something interesting.. then I saw this amazing novel that is written by a great writer based on her own experience. 

Elizabeth Gilbert is a true brilliant writer, she writes in details and yet not monotonous. She brings us into the story, so that we can feel it and say "I know how it feels".
this book is basically about a woman who almost have everything she ever wanted in her life, but yet she feels unhappy, imperfect behinds perfection.. losing things, brokenhearted, love, hectic days, spiritual thing, and self assurance.. 
it's a very good book with a very good story, written by a very good writer.. so there's no wonder that it's #1 New York Times Bestseller
it's highly recommended for you who like to read :)
can't wait for Eat Pray Love The Movie.. it's gonna be great with Julia Roberts starring in it and Bali as one of the scenes.. wow, i can't imagine how great would that be.. ;)