October 02, 2010

The Story of Dracula

Dracula is a legendary horror icon. People depict it as a vampire; an immortal creature whose food is blood and lives in the dark. But does it really exist? 

The story began around 600 years ago in Wallachia which now has become a region of Romania. At the time, Wallachian empire whose king was an order of dragon, was in crisis, Turkish came and took over the empire. The king of Wallachia had 2 sons named Vlad Tepes and Radu. Both of his sons were prisoned in Anatolia by Turkish for 6 years. After his father passed away, Vlad Tepes came back to Wallachia in order to  take a revenge on Turkish and get back what should belong to him, Wallachia. And he did it, he got it back.

Vlad Tepes then became the king of Wallachia and called as Dracula. Why dracula? as I've mentioned before that his father was an order of dragon, and in Wallachian,dragon is Dracul and Dracula means the son of the dragon. Wallachia was at its darkest age under his direction. He was a very sadistic king. He killed 500 wallachian who defied him and tortured many others. He killed people cruelly, he pricked them like a satay and let them die slowly. Can you imagine?? Cruel, wasn't it?

He was killed in 1476 during the cross war. He got his head severed. His head was brought to Constantinople while his body was buried in Snagov. But then, when his grave was dug up, his body disappeared. No one has ever known where did the body go. People then assumed that Dracula came back from the death and haunted people.

This Romanian legend inspired a novelist named Bram Stoker to write a novel about vampire which titled 'Dracula' which I'm sure everyone have seen the movie about it.


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